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Established in 2018, we are a small shop specializing in rapid development of one-off pieces and small batch production.   

Out clients include: business creating new products, artists experimenting with new methods and technologies, designers validating concepts with prototypes, and anybody else who needs rapid turnaround at reasonable rates. 


Our selection of metalworking equipment is continually improving to suit the needs of our clients. Here is a list of the most interesting stuff: 

Waterjet Cutting System – With is machine we can cut almost any type of material. This includes steel, aluminum, titanium, copper and brass, wood, glass, leather, carbon fibre, etc.

CNC Router Table – This machine allows us to contour materials. It is typically used on aluminum, wood and foam.

CNC Plasma Table – Our 6′ x 12′ table allows us to process large metals sheets. 

CNC Milling Machine – With our mill, we can cut, shape and contour most metals. Its motion is computer controlled and offers a high degree of precision.

An array of manual equipment, including metal lathe, saws, sanders, tool grinders, welders (MIG and TIG), hydraulic press, metal brake, etc.


The best way to reach out is by email.

Or you can try calling or texting. The shop is often busy and noisy, so if I can’t answer the phone then please leave a message. (613)-813-2413

We are located near the village of Toledo in eastern Ontario, Canada. 

We don’t keep “conventional” hours. The most accurate indication that I can offer is “Sometimes here. Sometimes not here.”
Best to call/text/email before your visit.

If you would like to view some of our projects or track our progress then please checkout our Facebook page.
Just do a search on Line 6 Metalcraft